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Default Re: Lack of impact in Batman´s appearence scenes

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
I actually think the relative lack of screentime helped the character in a way. All of Batman's scenes were great and had a certain impact because he wasn't around as much. It helps with the mythic aura Batman had, which plays with the legend theme that comes to full fruition in the film.
It did have an affect on things. Each time you see him, because of his age and inactivity, you wonder is he up to it? And then of course the beating by Bane elevates that thought. When he succeeds it feels great, like overpowering Bane's fist, damaging his mask and kicking him through the doors. He does get rescued by Catwoman, bringing him back to Earth, but the bomb disposal afterwards is one of the best displays of heroism out there.

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