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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

It's a bigger leap for MoS to be a good success that satisfies Warners. It has a lot going against it as well in terms of it's release date. JLA is WB trying to tap Avengers-level box office. Their greed is too powerful to just drop JLA, especially in the midst of Avengers sequels. It's also a big assumption that Superman and Lois will be a couple at the end of MoS. It could very well be way too soon for that.

I think many in the industry would agree that the Superman/Lois romance got incredibly stale in recent decades, especially in the 90s. Wrong turns were made. In fact, I remember a recent interview where Grant Morrison and many others were pointing out why Superman/Lois simply doesn't work. Maybe MoS could bring Lois' relevance back, but I'm doubtful whether the romance will even be a prevalent feature in this film given who wrote it. It will probably take a backseat to the more important stuff.

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