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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Yeah, really. In the book, they encounter a troll, and the kids handle it. But it would be better for Frigga to handle it.

And actually, if she is somewhat removed from the rest of Asgard, that might explain why Odin was not able to meet whatever threat it is that kills her.
Entirely possible. Or there is just too much going on in the fight.

OR, as you said about the prison being removed from the palace maybe. Maybe she's visiting Loki there, and leaving when she runs into an attack on her way back. That would upset Loki, I'd think. And still I hope she goes down fighting. That attack could be some of the Bourne woods stuff, I suppose, since it would make sense the prison might be on the outskirts and she'd have to travel to go see him. And then Thor fights, thinks they've won and pushed the attackers back, only to find Frigga among the dead.

I just looked back at the Lawden spoilers actually and he says the Dark Elves attack Asgard (although those Bourne Woods guys are certainly not Dark Elves, making me suspicious that Mr. Lawden was making some incorrect assumptions ) and then he goes on to say during the Asgardian attack Frigga is killed. So maybe both Hela's army and the dark elves do attack all around Asgard at once in the beginning, and the above scenario happens for Frigga before Odin can put up the forcefield or whatever plot device to keep them at bay for a while.

I feel there is a theme of the relative positions of the realms shifting, becoming on more equal footing. The light elves may well believe in acting in the service of the good, but not being able to self-govern I think would be a grievance. (But they would be very polite about it)
well we dont know what they'll do in MCU, I would think that would mean introducing Freyr and Freya, and they wouldnt necessarily do that. Although you could make them part of the Vanir, since they were originally from Vanaheim. And maybe that's who the Light Elves align with.

Maybe in an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" kind of way.
True. Although I see a lot of large frost giant sized puddles in the future. LOL

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