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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Nolan selected Bane because -

* Bane represented a challenge on two levels for Batman, physically he was better and he had the same training, and he wanted to break his spirit. Joker challenged Batman mentally and morally.

* Bane has had been associated with RaS al Ghul, Talia and League of Shadows which helped Goyer to tie it to BB.

* Joker represented chaos into civilized world of Gotham, Bane used a calculated plan to destroy Gotham using class inequalities, class divide, using Bruce Wayne's resources, using resources of rich corrupt people like Dagget.)

* Many other Batman villains are based in / originated in Gotham, like Penguin, Hugo Strange, Poison Ivy. (others don't fit into Nolan verse like Man-bat, Clay Face) Bane was an outsider who could have had some history with LOS organization.

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