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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I agree that Asgard is about to get rocked to its core and possibly even destroyed, and there's a damn good chance that Odin doesn't make it, leaving Thor with the crown.

But I strongly doubt we'll see Vanaheim or Alfheim, or any realms besides Midgard, Asgard, and Svartalfheim, and *possibly* Muspell. Every other realm is completely extraneous to the plot, and would bloat it unnecessarily.

Also, I strongly doubt we'll ever see Malekith teamed up with Kurse. Malekith teamed up with *Algrim,* and used him to fight Thor, but then he viciously betrayed him and left him for dead. *Kurse,* however, will be Malekith's enemy, and will, in fact, kill Malekith in righteous vengeance. That's his entire story according to canon, so I see no reason to deviate from that.
I thought we had gotten confirmation at some point that all 9 realms were suppose to be in the movie, I mean as it is my version of the story still left out several realms but I did my best. Lol

As for Malekith teaming up with Kurse. I know it is not how the comics go, but to show Algrim being betrayed by Malekith and left for dead. Algrim loosing his memory and becoming Kurse (obviously we will not be seeing the Beyonder in this movie), have him return with a powerful vengeance blaming Thor. Have him rebattle Thor. Then to have Kurse reawaken from his dillusion of the events leading to his near death, and then turn and kill Malekith. To me there is just way to much story there for an already jam packed movie, and to go through all of the motions of that story it would take up the majority of the movie. You can't have him battle Thor, nearly be killed, lose his memory, rebattle Thor, regain his memory and kill Malekith in 10 minutes. So, with my version I was trying to capture some of the elements of the comic, but to change it so that it worked within a much shorter time line. I just think the whole loosing memory regaining memory thing would take too long, not to mention I think we only have time for him to battle Thor once if this movie is going to be as busy as I think it is.

Thats how I see it at least.


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