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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by Surfer
This is the way I would like to see it...
<removed summary due to length>
Good job! nice detailed summary! Lots going on there. My only issue is the Odin banishing Loki to Muspelheim. Again this falls under my reply above to cherokeesam as something up to par with the torture of Loki and something MCU Odin will simply NOT do. Comics/Myth Odin maybe, but not MCU Odin. And it's not really necessary for him to learn this and tell Odin in your scenario. And we know from previous strong rumors/spoilers from Lawden that Loki will be visited by Thor in prison to make up and try to get him to help him get to the "dark world" for reinforcements. So if that is correct, then that doesn't fit in with your piece. Plus I believe Renee Russo is fully expecting to have some time with Frigga and Loki with her trying to straighten him out, one assumes while he's in prison awaiting a decision or as he's being punished.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Wow, this is really great! You've thought a lot of detail out. I tried working out a revision to the end of Elizah's outline and found that it's not so easy to work out a lot of subsidiary details.
No. Indeed. It is NOT.

I'm not certain Alfheim, Vanaheim, and Asgard are all on the same planet in the regular Marvel setup, but that does solve one of the big logistical hassles of this film, that of transporting everyone here and there without the Bifrost.
It sort of looks like they are not in MCU, but the previous pictures (like the one shown in the screenrant link in one of my posts above) of the 9 realms seem to indicate they are all on the same asteroid. So...

So you possibly still could have this transformation, start with Algrim, go to the pit of lava, and then Kurse. You'd need to add a mechanism for his transformation in that event.
one of the vids of Malekith from last week with his arms up there was a lot of red lighting, and I'm thinking that may be him opening up a lava pit for Thor and Kurse.

So Thor may need some help. Perhaps Loki can go over there. Loki would probably like the idea of Thor owing him big time
I would so love a Malekith Loki fight but now it's not looking like it. Unless Tom shows up this week, that is. LOL (the again, my summary probably gets blown out of the water!)

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