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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Motivation - like the Joker more even though in theory I like Bane more because it's more personal, but the way things were executed - I like Joker's motivation more.

Characterisation - This is kinda tough for me. I like the Joker more because I like villains who are more independent (not to say that Bane wasn't)but then I also like villains who are mercenaries, military-minded and more physical. I think I'll give this one to the Joker but then again, I think this is kinda unfair because I wasn't expecting anything from Joker (or anything from the film at all) but with Bane I had so many preconceived notions so I dunno.

Impact - This may be kind of unfair because Joker had far more impact but then I'd never seen many films before that time, so it'd be a given that I would be blown away.

Skills/Talents - I loved that Bane had brawn and brains - great fighter with tactical mind. An incredible mix. I like these kind of characters so I'll go with Bane here, but the Joker's talents were insane and he survived through so much without the skills that Bane has - so I'm not really sure with this one.

These will probably change tomorrow

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