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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
See, it's things like this that make me wonder if people are watching a completely different movie than I did.

Thor started the war with the Frost Giants. Thor did that because Thor wanted to break some heads and "crush their spirits" so they would "fear" them. To Thor at that point, fear was power and fear was respect, much like Loki feels in Avengers. And not only that, Thor goes to Jotunheim and gleefully starts fighting them just for the thrill of a fight. How many do you suppose he killed unnecessarily when he could have just walked away or not gone down there at all? Hmmm? Not the same as trying to bully the humans, no... but still NOT GOOD THOR.

Thor destroyed the Bifrost (to stop Loki, true, but Thor still did have responsibility for that as well)

Loki did NOT usurp Odin's throne, Odin was in Odinsleep, and Thor was banished, and apparently Frigga was not going to leave Odin's side, so the throne was GIVEN to Loki for that time. (and watch the deleted scene on this sometime, for that matter, and explain to me how he usurped Odin's throne with that scene in mind. He seemed as surprised hell. Not that that's canon, I'm just saying... )

And for heavens sake, Loki did NOT try "happily" to murder Odin. He set up Laufey so he could prove to Odin that he was the worthy son by killing Laufey in front of him, and then getting rid of the frost giants. He tried to kill Thor and friends, yes. But Odin. NO. *shakes head* If he wanted Odin dead he could have killed him in the vault with no witnesses, or let Laufey kill him before he took out Laufey but he didnt want Odin dead. He wanted to prove himself to Odin, and he wanted Odin to stay alive.

as for Odin's feelings yes, he may have changed some, but I think the look on his face prior to Loki letting go, and his response afterwards, tells you that Odin was heartbroken and blamed himself for Loki's behavior, as any caring parent would do when faced with a child that is so troubled and committed such crimes. Anyway, to get back on topic, I fully expect that feeling to carry over into Thor 2.

I believe Feige confirmed somewhere that Thanos would NOT be in Thor 2 (or at least not a major villain as your suggestion implies). But saved for Guardians and Avengers 2. Someone tell me if I am not remembering that correctly.
Maybe we are watching a different movie than you elizah. :P I am with sam, the war was without a doubt Loki's doing. Don't forget, Sam said he MANIPULATED the war against the frost giants. Sure, thor pulled the trigger, but loki did all the manipulating to get the oppritunity to present itself Elizah.

Watch it again, that entire movie, the plot of the movie was ALL loki's manipulation. There is no doubt about it that the war was loki's doing, he wanted it to happen, so thor would be exiled. Its typcal Loki scheming. He provided the moments that would lead up to thor pulling that trigger.

He allowed the frost giants into asgard or whatever. He KNEW thor's wreckless behavior would make him want to get revenge. Sure, as loki said, it started off as a little fun to "ruin his brothers big day" but oppritunity presented itself. He manipulated thor into wanting to go into Jotenheim, knowing thor's rage and thirst for battle, he started the war.

Thor pulled the trigger, but it was ALL through Loki's manipulation.

That entire movie was basically Loki's scheme. That's what I meant before when I said all the bad loki has done. That entire movie was a scheme of Loki's. He didn't pull the trigger for the war, but he no doubt manipulated, and allowed the oppritunity for thor to do so to present itself

so there is the war, Loki manipulated his way to the throne. Thor getting banished, Odin falling into the odinsleep, the oppritunity presented itself, and loki took over the throne. Yes, loki didn't know odin would fall into the odinsleep, HOWEVER, thor was being crowned king, which meant loki KNEW odin was going to step down regardless, with tthor gone, it's loki's throne for the taking. Manipulation elizah. I forgot how great the did that with loki in this movie. It was right out of the comics. Watch it again. the war happened due to loki's manipulation. Loki taking the throne, happened through manipulation. Everything he did kept allowing another oppritunity to present itself, until thor returned (which he didn't expect)

and no, im with you on killing odin. He didn't plan on it.

But the war, and him taking the throne, that's just typical classic loki elizah . He manipulated everything so it would happen. Thor pulled the trigger, but loki knows his brother, and presented the oppritunity for it to happen.

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