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Default Re: Create Your Own Universes

The Universe: An Ultimate Comics RPG

World War II changed everything.

Before the great war, humans knew the way of the world. They went about their daily lives knowing in their hearts there were no creatures from space, demons and angels stayed in their respective realms, and a regular man could not become super over night. They went to sleep knowing the next morning their children wouldn't start displaying amazing powers in the morning. They went to work not worried about what the new superhuman arms race would lead to.

But World War II changed everything.

When the Third Reich's technologically superior and fiercely trained army began running roughshod over Europe, the United States Military began a desperate scientific program as a last ditch effort to turn the tide of the war, signaling the beginning of Project Rebirth and the Superhuman Age.

Rebirth produced one success, the agent known only to the public as Captain America. He was dispatched to Europe, but he was not alone. The government had also discovered that the human race was beginning to change and mutate to a higher level of evolution. Using some of these new found supermen, they formed The Invaders, a special team that was to liberate Europe.

But Hitler and the Nazis attempted to turn the tide themselves, searching for all manner of occult powers across the world, only to be thwarted time and time again by archeologist and American agent Henry "Indiana" Jones. The Germans also summoned a demon into the world, but the creature known as Hellboy was confiscated and raised by an American special forces team before the Nazis could use him for their dastardly intentions.

Eventually, with Captain America and the others at their backs, the Allies turned the tide of the war. As the noose tightened around Hitler's neck, The Invaders discovered the main fortress of Hitler's science team HYDRA, and what was really behind the Third Reich's technology.

The Nazis were being aided by the alien race known as the Chitauri, a shapeshifting race bent on wiping out freewill in the galaxy. On this final and heroic mission, the Invaders and Captain America thwarted their plan to release a nuclear ICBM on the United States and forced the aliens into retreat.

Unfortunately, Captain America was lost during the mission, sobering the end of the European war.

The time after the war was quiet, at least to the regular citizenry. But behind the scenes, the governments of the world began a superhuman arms race. The loss of Captain America set the US science division back years, as many different agencies scrambled to recreate Project Rebirth's success. The absence of America's super soldier also allowed the rise of the Soviet Union and the spread of Communism across the globe.

During the 60s, the Mutant population also skyrocketed, believed to be due to the atom bomb, and began to be noticed. As it did, Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr rose to prominent positions inside the community, eventually fracturing their long friendship due to differing ideologies.

The 70s brought radical change and the rise of terrorism across the globe. With free nations and Communist nations in the stalemate of the Cold War, criminal organizations attempted to use their inability to act to their advantage, chief among them was the super organization known as SPECTRE. In order to combat these threats, the United Nations Security Council convened in secret to put together a team to combat this new form of evil, and that is when S.H.I.E.L.D. was born.

SHIELD was designed from day one to be the organization to fight all the strange threats that had emerged, and had different organizations underneath it that specialized in different threats. The organization's first top agent, designated then and now as 007, was a former Navy SEAL by the name of Nick Fury.

As time past into the 80s, and the Cold War came to a close with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world settled into a relative peace, although society as a whole began to decline. The world no longer had any heroes to look up to and no one to follow the lead of.

But that was about to change as well.

In Kansas, a small spacecraft crash lands on the Kent Farm. In Gotham City, a boy loses his parents to a lone gunman. A school for gifted youngsters opens in rural New York. And scientists in the United States begin unlocking the secrets of the Super Soldier Serum, using mutant DNA and Gamma radiation which will start a chain reaction across the world.

The time is now, and the world's new batch of super heroes have emerged, fighting back the evils that came with them.

Major Players

S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to be the worlds first line of defense against threats from terrestrial villains, whether they be super powered or not. They still stand up against the likes of SPECTRE as well as other terrorist groups such as COBRA. Led by their former top man Nick Fury, they try to hold the tenuous strings of peace together. The agency's current top man and 007 is James Bond, possibly the most decorated and talented agent the world has ever seen. They struggle to deal with the large mutant population and the growing public backlash against it.

S.H.A.D.E. (Super Human Advanced Demon Extermination) is one of the under departments of SHIELD, put together from the remnants of Project Hellboy. It's mission is to investigate and deal with supernatural and mystical threats to the world. It's major threats response team is known as the Creature Commandos, and is led by Hellboy himself.
S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) is another part of SHIELD dedicated to monitoring extraterrestrial activity on Earth. Using confiscated Chitauri technology, as well as anything else they've come across on the planet, they keep alien visitations secret to the general public. Often nicknamed the "Men in Black" by those that happen to come across them, they prefer to work in secret and behind the shadows.

The world's preeminent terrorist and criminal organization, SPECTRE has been around for over three decades at this point. Made up of former HYDRA and Cold War scientists, the specialize in weapons, drugs, and all forms of mayhem. None know who leads them, nor has any SPECTRE agent ever been captured alive.
COBRA Command
Led by the infamous and mysterious Cobra Commander, this anarchistic group seeks to undermine the world powers and throw the planet into chaos.

The Corps
A universal peace keeping fore, The Corps have protected the galaxy from evil for almost as long as life has existed. The different colors of the rainbow designate their places and roles within the Corps, including a black-ops team designated as "Novas". From their headquarters on Oa, they watch and protect the galaxy from threats.

The Hand
An ancient and evil ninja organization obsessed with power and the occult, the Hand has begun to spread its sphere of influence outside of Japan.

Possible Teams

The Justice League
A team dedicated to the protection of Earth from terrestrial and extraterrestrial threats and the preservation of human freedom. Members:
Captain America
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
Miss Marvel

The Secret Avengers
SHIELD's covert black-ops team designed to secretly, quietly, and quickly take out threats that are too dangerous to be left alive. Members:
007 (James Bond)
Black Widow
Rick Flagg
Bronze Tiger

Creature Commandos
SHADE's special ops team designated to deal with supernatural threats. Members:
Abe Sapien
Frankenstein's Monster

Teen Titans
A team made by the members of the Justice League in order to prepare the younger generation of heroes for their future. Members:
The Human Torch
The Slayer (Buffy)

The Shadow
A team dedicated to stopping The Hand and their evil. Members:
Green Arrow

Basically and Ultimate Universe containing Marvel, DC, as well as the major Indy properties.

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