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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

To wash the taste of the previous studios taste out of peoples mouths I say Marvel continues what they've been doing just on a smaller scale.

Meaning why not do 3 solo movies consisting of Daredevil, Punisher and Hero's For Hire: Luke Cage and Ironfist. Each having small but relevant crossovers in each film which build up to a film against Kingpin, Hammerhead and Silvermane.

Labeling them all under Marvel Knights Presents: Daredevil, Punisher, etc.

And "R" rating would be a plus, but I'm not against a PG13 film provided they actually make this happen and it's still good. They could always release a "Director Cut" version on Blu-ray to pacify the hardcore fans later down the line as well.

They could even turn around and do the same thing with Marvels mystical characters in solo films such as Dr. Strange, Blade and Ghost Rider should Sony realize they're killing this franchise or better yet wasting their money. Which would also build up to an epic fight against The Hood, Blackheart(The real one) and Morpheus.

Some are a stretch I know but the overall premise still has potential I think. And some may end up liking these team ups more than the Avengers phases.

What do you all think?

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