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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by Illuminata View Post
TLS was critically bashed by Film Critics and Fans that was spawned out of Berry demands, Rothman's micromanaging and Ratner's inability to craft the film.

I think the studio wants to get as far away from TLS and Origins:Wolverine as possible. It's the whole purpose behind XMFC, it's not a complete reboot but a softboot to steer the franchise back to where it was before. The studio is trying to cash in on Singerverse as much as possible.
I won't go over the arguments about TLS but I agree with what you say about XMFC being a 'softboot'. The problem with that Singerverse softboot was in contradicting elements of Singer's own films (X1 and X2), which seems bizarre. But it seems we have to surrender to the continuity gremlins.

That's why I believe the Core 5 will be mostly cameos with maybe 2 that will be expanded. This is why I also believe that Cyclops and Rogue seem to be prime candidates to take on the Logan & Kitty roles. It will give Cyclops the storyline to breathe and Rogue the opportunity to fix her characterization. Plus Marsden and Paquin are the youngest out of the Core 5.
It seems a plausible theory.

So true, I know many actors were forced to come back to TLS when Singer departed. Why so much uproar was made post TLS by Paquin, Janssen and Romijn.

I think many of them WANT to come back to the franchise now that he's at the helms and Rothman is gone.
It will be interesting to see the character line-up that results from all this.

With the already overbloated cast with XMFC, I don't think we'll see many new characters. Cameos but if anything I think the Villain will perhaps be a new character. If we have the core 5 plus XMFC cast that's really huge by itself. It's already been touted that this IS a Magneto movie so even if we see Cyclops, Rogue, Professor X, Jean and Wolverine it will be limited. Timing constraints is what will kill the opportunity to see new characters expanded on.
I agree there won't be many new characters. I hope Angel Salvadore and Riptide are explained out of the story somehow (captured, or killed) and that should give a bit more space with two out of the Brotherhood (leaving it as Magneto, Emma, Mystique, Azazel). And I hope we get a new female X-Men member (and maybe one other new student) to show Charles has been actively recruiting.

He did but by the time he left Rogue was courageous (ie. Saved the X-Men by flying the Blackbird, saving Logan from Stryker) and not afraid of her powers (ie. using them on Pyro and attempting to drain Magneto) and officially joined The X-Men and Xavier's right hand gal by the end of X2. There was an evolution happening with her characterization which you could see where her character was headed.

TLS just crapped away all of those elements (especially joining the team), made her afraid of her powers again, removed her from the team and crapped over all of her courage that was in X1 and X2. Scaled back so far on her it was just an insult to Rogue fans who were excited to see her in action for X3. Paquin even said it herself during the X2 junket "It's great to see she's not a damsel in distress and doesn't need saving"
It was still hard to see Rogue ever being an action chick. It just wasn't her nature. She never seemed as if she'd be ready to be a full team member. They'd also have to make her power-siphoning work instantly in order for her to be effective in battle.

I love Storm but Halle has been given enough screentime and all of that screentime has only vindicated Singer's usage of Berry as Storm. Unlike Rogue, Storm's problem is with the actress and not the characterization. Halle is not convincing in the role so if Singer brought in Basset or someone else I would be so excited.
Unfortunately, the Basset ship has probably sailed. She's 54, only 5ft 4ins and after a pointless role in the horrendous Green Lantern, she might be steering clear of comic book films. I can't envisage her in the Storm role physically, even though she has the acting chops. You can see how good a fit she was for Tina Turner's muscular, stocky frame, but not for Storm. I have suggested Christine Adams from Terra Nova.

On the other hand, if they are wanting familiar faces from the previous films, it's a good case for keeping Halle Berry. That's who audiences know. She did at least show better acting in the Singer X-Men films (though she had some good moments in TLS, as well as the bad parts).

You're talking about 2 different mediums. It's not the same and let's be real, The Animated Series is rather embarrassing in terms of characterization. It's a cheesy over the top cartoon from the 90's which is fabulous for children but these movies aren't the same audience. The X-men has attracted more older teens and adults. You can't play by the same rules.

I don't think Gambit will go anywhere near this next film not so much because Bryan doesn't want him but because of the overbloated cast and time constraints for this film to be made.

I am a huge Jubilee fan but even I'm not deluded enough to believe she will be in this film.
I like that 90s animated series. The characterisations may be cartoonish but they are, for the most part, pretty accurate. Many elements of that series are spot-on. Magneto's European accent and power displays (especially the spherical force field) were fantastic. There's a lot that could be learned from that cartoon. It did many things right. I can scarcely think of a terrible thing about it, except Storm's voice and weather-commanding speeches.

I am, however, not expecting Gambit in DoFP. Not enough room in this event movie. I don't mind if Kitsch is brought back in a future film, with a more accurate look, but I somehow doubt Singer would acknowledge anyone from XMO: Wolverine. The studio might have some say, though; it's not necessarily all down to Singer.

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