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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Oh, when it comes to scheming and manipulating, thanos is king lol.

And the talk you and I had a month or so ago Sam, I think it was you. I thought thanos won't appear because starlin signed off on him to appear.

But that really doesn't matter. Also, again, dodging the question on the studios part, they said thanos will not be "the villain" in Thor: The Dark World, however, they never said he won't appear
At this point, I believe Thanos will still stay in shadows in Thor 2 --- at least until the post-creds, where he is wont to show up from time to time. Meantime, The Other will handle all the heavy lifting for The Mad Titan in this movie. (Many still speculate that The Other has even already been photographed on set at Bourne Woods, as several unsavory characters spotted there might well be him.)

If there is one last bit of major casting news left for this movie, I'm willing to bet it will be for Thanos. Because whoever gets the role will need to reprise it in GOTG and TA2. So it's gotta be a major announcement.


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