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Default Re: Wasp Costume Thread

Wasp without wings is like Iron Man without armour or Spider-Man without webs.

When I saw X-Men first class and they had Angel Salvatore, I wished that we could've seen Wasp on film. Of course, she'll only have them when she shrinks down (just as in the comics). I like the idea that she's a bit like a fairy, but with different types of wings.

There was one issue where Wasp no longer had unstable molecules for her costume, so she had to shrink down (where she became naked) and then had to change into a tiny costume at that size. Once she wanted to grow back, she had to strip off naked, grow back to normal size and put her normal clothes back on. I wouldn't mind them having a sequence like this where she realises she really needs unstable molecules because that's far too inconvenient each time.

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