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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
ROTK winning wasn't because it was the best film, it was for the entire project.
What Jackson pulled off for LOTR was a technical marvel, and really deserves credit for taking bloated and boringly written books and making me care about the characters and getting rid of the tedious sections. It was definitely a huge risk in the way they chose to do it as well.

But he was doing a direct adaptation for the most part, whereas the TDK trilogy is an amalgam of some of the best themes and stories from 70 years of history put together in a way few others could have imagined. All three films are incredibly different in terms of structure and style, while still all feeling incredibly coherent. Each film can stand alone as very solid films (all three are significantly above average) but improve each other as a trilogy. All that to say that they're each their own epic endeavors and both gave me some of the most well told and thematically dense and layered films that only get better with each repeat viewing (although I'd say TDK is a bit deeper in that regard for me). Both pushed the industry technically, LOTR by setting the bar for CGI believability, TDK for bringing back use of big time practical effects and using CG to great minimal effect, a huge part of the reason people perceive these films as more realistic than they really try to be.

LOTR was amazing, but each film was a direct expansion of the last. TDK trilogy evolves as it continues, exploring three different ways to approach the action genre. It's just much more cinematically bold and innovative, and that's why it would be a shame to me if TDKR is not at least nominated Best Picture and Best Director. Nolan is simply one of the few directors out there truly pushing the medium and he deserves recognition on that front.

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