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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by Trimmings View Post
I didn't even think about the cosmic cube being brought back to asgard
That's definitely a good enough tool to power up Algrim in my book! So does Kurse die at the end of this story? If Loki is the one manipulating him into killing Thor, I wouldn't want anyone to find out about it except for us. That way we could have a forgiven and free Loki for the third movie. If he got caught trying to destory Jotunheim, then Midguard, then Thor I don't see Odin letting him out of prison for a while
In the comics Algrim is changed to Kurse by the Beyonder after almost being killed by Malekith. However Kurse does not remember the events and is told Thor was responsible, so he seeks out and tries to destroy Thor. Eventually Kurse does regain his memory though, and when that happens he locates Malekith and breaks his neck.

As for Loki manipulating Kurse, once again I can see Loki as feeling he is justified in his actions against his brother if Thor left Asgard during it's hour of need and perhaps in his own twisted mind he feels he is redeeming himself by trying to kill Thor who he can percieve as a traitor to the realm of Asgard.


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