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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by Surfer View Post

Here is the picture you were looking for showing the 9 realms from the movie Thor.

It shows a different interpretation of the 9 realms from the link I provided, but that is why I said if they are keeping it accurate with the comics.

Oh great thanks!!!

also posting this bit here...

New Interview with Anthony Hopkins:

“I do my last shot Friday,” Anthony Hopkins told MTV News. “I had a great time working with Chris Hemsworth and Rene Russo. Chris is mostly who I'm working with; he's a wonderful actor, great new star, Natalie Portman [too]. I'm having a ball! It's great working with young people. I haven't been in the film that much, I've only done isolated scene with Chris...Christopher Eccleston plays Malekith very good! We've had one encounter. I have to be careful where I step [on-set] because I lose all dimension. So I have to watch where I walk. The movie sets can be dangerous.”


(First brought to you from/by Marvel Freshman)
Hmm... only one scene with Eccleston, which I think may support my idea of it being a flashback scene showing how Malekith became so messed up on that one side... maybe...

and a new short vid shows people running away, Thor running in the direction they were running away from, and then Jane coming from another direction and running after THor... so... yup. my summary is already messed up. LOL

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