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Default Re: Top 3 Favorite Scenes From The Dark Knight Trilogy

Countdown mode, with explanations:

3. Bane breaks Batman-The best action sequence of the entire series, bar none. This mano-y-mano fight offers just enough hope-spots to keep the audience waiting while also emphasizing just how badly beaten Bruce is by the end of the fight. Yet despite how broken the bat is after the sheer awesomeness, the audience witnesses the truth in Bane's last taunt: "I was wondering which would break first-your spirit-or-your- Body!" Unlike the comics, we are left enough faith in Bruce's spirit to know thta when he gets out of the pit, there'll be hell to pay.

2. Final fight with the Joker/ferry sequence-This scene plays out almost like a physical manifestation of a spiritual battle. We've got the forces of righteousness championed by Batman against the chaotic evils heralded by Joker in a scene that involves twists, turns, and pretty awesome choreography. While the Joker may not be a true match for Batman, his raw ferocity gives him a momentary upper-hand, while we finally see Gotham through Bruce's eyes, as a place worth fighting for.

3. The Dark Knight Returns-TDKR kept Batman off stage for most of the first act, and right up until the Stock exchange scene, it's been Bane's movie. And then from the darkness rides Batman, entering the scene exactly as he exited TDK. The music, the acting the reactions of everyone to his return is amazing. Even Bane does a double-take at his return!

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