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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Originally Posted by Deathstroke View Post
There really is no difference based on the footage you described. It was a standard superhero film kiss. Every superhero film has one. It's a required cliche. It's hardly indicative of them being an actual couple.

They're actually playing up his alien heritage nowadays as opposed to his humanity. Even MoS was rumored to take that approach. The SDCC footage really played up the topic of alienation.

His Earth parents serve their purpose in his childhood years. They aren't really necessary for his adult ones. They've been dead quite often in the Golden Age/Silver Age origin pieces.

I think DC is just being more realistic about the 'inspirational' stuff without sugar-coating it as many Superman interpretations do. But none of that really has anything to do with his romantic relationship with Wonder Woman.

First we'll have to see if MoS will even be a franchise and whether it makes enough to satisfy Warner Bros to greenlight a sequel.

Keep in mind, Nolan and Thomas are likely gone due to the politics at Warners. Robinov may be on the way out. The incentive to make another Superman may be much less if the film doesn't perform really well.

Snyder's track record is iffy. Things could go either way for MoS.

Well I seem to recall Snyder and co. mentioning on the importance that Lois's character has within Superman's life and that one of the reasons why she was selected for the role was because Snyder felt that she could convey the personality that would convince audiences on why Superman would "fall in love" with her, etc.

And honestly, what makes you think that the JLA has any better of a chance succeeding than MOS has at the moment?

And yeah, his dad was the one dead for the most part at times, but at least his mother was around at times, and there was a point when both parents were around as well during the post-Superman debut days.

And a lot of people involved with the film have mentioned on how the film also deals with his own humanity as well; with the concept of what would a person do today if they were superman.

Honestly, I've stated my stance on the issue and I don't see either of us exactly changing our opinions on the, but that's my humble opinion on the situation.

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