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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Arrow and TWD are starting to push the limits. And don't underestimate how much money will be pored into this show..we're talking about something that has the potential to pull in upwards of 16-20 million views on a network like ABC with its pedigree, not to mention because it's a "nerdy" comic show the home media sales will be through the roof, along with all the other merchandising. Then there's syndication, where it should also be really successful thanks to the all ages accessibility the show will have. We're talking a certified money printing monster here. On top off all that they already have so many resources and stock CGI that they can use from the films that saving costs on effects won't be hard.
I don't doubt it'll be very successful, but Arrow and TWD are doing entirely practical effects. That's what allows them to do more action and actually sustained action scenes and keep the kind of production schedule a weekly show needs. That's not an option for SHIELD. The time just isn't there.

On the money issue, they're not going to reuse footage from the movies, both because of the distribution rights issues as well as it's tacky. They're not going to make a show that's going to be in the hole until the DVD's come out. If it's not profitable as it's coming out, then it will be cancelled before any syndication or merchandising can happen.

And even if it is by far the biggest and most successful scripted show of all time pulling in 20 million viewers a week, they're not going to spend that success breaking even trying to make an action show with movie-level special effects. They're going to get good character writing and use the CGI and other action to tell a good story that will keep those 20 million people tuning in week after week to see what happens next, regardless of if it looks cooler than last week or not. More cost effective, and has proven successful with Lost, Heroes, Spartacus, TWD and all the shows SHIELD aspires to be like.

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