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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by Nimloth View Post
3) Frigga must comfort him, they're definitely having a conversation, and she assures him that he is loved and part of the family once again.
And it looks strange to me that after such a conversation Loki would be send to place like Muspelheim, imprisonment in Asgard is different kind of thing.
So it might be that after he talks to Frigga he realizes he was wrong (plus it's suggested that his rage and hate was powered up by the scepter (or gem in it). He is needed to help odin and Thor and that's his short redemption, which of course after Frigga is killed he forgets and maybe (I don't know how exactly) betrays Thor and odin's trust at the end and set to be one of the villains for the third part.
Thanks for your thoughts.

Do you think Frigga can reach him? I see you said he might realize he was wrong, but I don't know if you were just referring to his actions in the Avengers or everything. Can Frigga set him on a different path or will he still be defiant and oppositional to his father and brother (even while knowing he was wrong, assuming he realizes that)? How much do you think her death would affect him?

FWIW, I think Frigga can have an influence, but it's not clear that will be enough, especially given the limited screen time she must surely have in the film.

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