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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Well by saying 'wrong" I meant he exaggerated things A LOT. We know Thor loves him as brother, and Loki definitely have brother's feeling for him too. As for Frigga - he never doubted she loves him, in movies she is much better than in comic book. So I think she has a lot of influence on him in this way. It's just seems very simple and understandable plot twist (although not new or super creative) to make her kinda one thing that holds him and makes him believe everything is OK and there is way back. Because I have no doubt she will forgive him. That's the time he helps Thor, of course I'm not saying he will forget everything (being a shadow and all) but I guess he will give it chance.

And I don't think they told everyone around that he is frost giant and villain. In the end of Thor even Sif said to Frigga that she is sorry for her loss, so they see it as a loss not "thanks God we found out what he is and good this bastard is gone"
As for Avengers - well, the same here, I doubt the whole realm even knows that's happened and that they hate him for attempt to rule Midgard.

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