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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

"You're kidding me?" Babs asks with an astonished look on her face. "You actually met a mutant? One that was out in the open?"

We're sitting at the bar again, after work grabbing a drink. She's had another stressful week of work making some government firewall for the military. I finished a design a few weeks ahead of time on a design. Fox is even talking about a raise for me.

The talk of the town, of course, has been the raid on the Iceberg Lounge last night, as well as the mutant scuffle at the Friends of Humanity rally. I told Barbara I know a mutant, so of course now she wants to know all about him.

"Yea, I did," I nod. "They're normal people, Babs. Except, you know, they have super powers."

"No, I know they're normal people...But sometimes it's hard to separate the reality from everything you hear on the news, you know? It's scary to think that there are people with such power. But I guess that's always the way it is when new people come along."

"Yea, I know," I smile. "He was a friend of my grandfather. A good guy...if not a little rough around the edges."

That's when Oswald Cobblepot shows up on the TV behind the bar in a special report. "Speaking of now believing everything you see on the news."


"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming on such short notice," the mayor begins as the reporters in the audience begin writing on their notepads. "But after the events of last night, Commissioner Loeb and my advisers thought it best to tell the citizens of Gotham the events that transpired last night at my place of business, the Iceberg Lounge."

"Last night at approximately eleven o'clock P.M., the Batman performed an assault on the club, injuring several patrons injured and stealing some of my personal property. Before now the Batman had been a nuisance, a crazy man wearing a mask to spread his insane viewpoint on the world. But now, it is clear his aims are anarchy and chaos in the streets of Gotham. Because of that, the City of Gotham is putting forth a fifty-thousand dollar reward for the capture or any information that leads to the capture of the Batman."


"You hear that, Jimmy?" Bullock says, turning down the radio and leaning uncomfortably in his seat. "Fifty big ones. And we can bag the Batman easy. He trusts us. And we'll be all the richer."

"Yea and we'll be even more in the hole when it comes to fixing things," Gordon responds, not even considering the offer.



I walk into the apartment, and Alfred looks up form the laptop that's been running the transactions from Cobblepot's black market dealings all day, "Anything?"

"Indeed, right there highlighted on the screen," he nods. "The other window has the information on the guy."

Looking at the screen I see the transaction, as well as the man the last shipment was delivered to.

Quentin Beck, better known in the Gotham entertainment circle as the Marvelous Mysterio.

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