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Default Re: How will Clark being found by the Kents be handled?

Originally Posted by Binker View Post
Earth One and the backups from Superman and the Men of Steel do feature a realistic way of doing this. I would add that maybe they'll have Martha pregneat, everyone knows it, but they go to the hospital and she has a miscarriage. They decide to hold off telling everybody because its personal as they're grieiving, then the rocket crashes with the baby who could pass as a newborn, and they give him the name that they're now gone son would've had; Clark.
Earth One and the "he's my sister's son" route works the best out of those. The miscarriage one... that's a little trickier because there would be doctors and nurses who would probably know what happened. The one route I really like the best is the comic book one of putting Clark into the system then getting him out soon after. Or in this day and age the Kents would probably just request to foster him and since the birth parents haven't shown up - adopt him (which would be the modern day equivalent of that).

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