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Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
Little Talia had no obligation to return to the pit and bring her father to rescue Bane. For all she knew, he was probably dead. It's actually similar to Catwoman returning to Gotham (under no obligation whatsoever) to help with the assault, even if she doesn't know if Batman is hurt or dead already. The difference is that Bruce and Selina want to move on, while Bane and Talia only wish to wallow in their hatred and let it consume them.

So in that way, I see Talia and Bane as partners, and yes, loving partners in a relationship that is perhaps incomprehensible to the rest of the world. IMO both held too much hatred to really be in what we consider a proper romantic relationship. Bane had potential for empathy, but it was snuffed out by what was done to him in that pit, and perhaps by the LoS too. (It's hard to say whether he hates Ra's, or maybe empathizes with him. I mean, he did rescue Bane from that pit and all.) The only mercy he had left was for Talia, the lone person to came back for him. But they're both monsters, really.
Well I didn't mean anything romantic. It is a different type of love that is completely platonic relationship, similar to best friends and even family. Bane is not a character who I would see following Talia, let alone rescue her if he didn't love her in a sense. (Again note that I am using love losely not the literal romantic translation of it.)
Same with Talia, I don't think she would have gone back at all if she did not love him in return. It would be naive to think Bane was alive after being mauled. That was the last image she saw of him, so going back she probably did beg and plead with Rah's to come back to the jail to even see if he was alive.

As for their views on the world, I think they both have a hatred for the world, but the hatred is more of a cynical view. \Bruce Wayne is the opposite and is oddly enough very optimistic. Now for what Bane thought of Rah's, I really think he was indifferent to Rah's. He seems to sophisticated to really hold a grudge. But they really aren't truly monsters. They came from a world of suffering. Talia was left in a prison where all that was known was hatred and cinicism. They felt the whole world needed to be fixed and the ends would justify the means, though they were brutal they wanted to 'save' Gotham.

(well Rah's did,& Talia wanted to be the proper daughter for her father. Bane I think just did it for Talia since he couldn't be the proper suitor for her giving her Gotham was the next best thing)

Now Joker can be seen as a monster because he wanted to destroy it all for laughs.

(This is my opinion on the matter, not saying yours is wrong or worse or inferior in anyway)

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