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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

Originally Posted by fear&loathing View Post
yeah but he shouldnt be surprised. he should already know that he is back. and bane's charade in front of his own men with the line of dialogue "keep her close, he will come for her" seems incredibly dumb that hes masquerading Miranda's identity in front of his own people.

As Bane's army consisted not only of LOS members but also freed Black Gate prisoners, mercenaries who worked only under Bane and some of the under privileged but misguided Gotham's citizens it was logical that Bane kept her identity as a secret at all times, even Dagget did not know that Miranda Tate was actually Taila Al Ghul though Bane had worked with Dagget for years.

And, ordinary Gothamites were also present there to watch the sentencing, and I don't think that all of Bane's men were aware of the fact that Talia and Miranda Tate was the same person, only members of LOS would be aware of that, it would be foolish for Bane to call Miranda Tate as Talia there, as it would potentially give up his inside source who was pretending to be working along with Fox, and Gordon.

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