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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

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I'm basing this off of what I've learned from White Widow. First, the pressure vessel is what will be holding the web fluid. It is a container that is sealed at both ends. It will be pressurized using a schrader valve or check valve. The pressure will be from co2, a bike pump, or air compressor. It must have a way to connect to the tubing and couplers: http://TechnolgyTheorist.deviantart....der=0&offset=0 .The pressure vessel can be a 2 liter coke bottle, a modified aerosol can, a fiberglass project, a PVC pipe project, ect. But it must hold at the LEAST, 125 psi by itself and without being reinforced. Then it must be reinforced with polymorph, duct tape, or fiberglass. The size of pressure vessel varies the amount of fluid. Cartridges are the least popular on this forum, as they hold the least amount of fluid, unless you formula is expansive like elephant toothpaste. Canisters are the next best thing. They will hold the most fluid without resorting to a tank on the back. They will be the size of a aerosol deodorant can. I'm going to do this and have it rest on the forearm like the milk and crackers web shooter. A tank, camelback, backpack, whatever you want to call it, will hold the largest amount of fluid. Blood spider, spiderman mangaverse, all characters that use tanks/backpacks/camelback to store their webbing.
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