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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux


let me give you the short answer first: Loki is traditionally a villain. Thor is traditionally a hero. Period.

That's what people expect to see --- Loki as a villain. It's great that he's got sympathetic qualities (or at least started with them --- he seems to have lost them by the time Avengers begins), but he is a villain; so *nobody* is expecting to see him turn into a hero. Ever. Might as well expect to see Joker turn into a good guy.

And as for comparing Thor's and Loki's motives in slaughtering Frost Giants: Thor's motives are the defense of Asgard and vengeance against Frost Giant incursions. So at least Thor and Odin have "moral superiority" on their side, even if it's debatable. Loki, on the other hand, plotted genocide of the Jotuns *purely* for the reason of making himself look like the greater hero and savior of Asgard. Thor's motive is *selfless* in that he's thinking about the safety of his people; Loki's motive is *selfish* in that he's thinking only about how this will increase his political power.


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