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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by Nimloth View Post
and your quote from the other thread

and you are right, and not going into discussion about Loki as a character in general, but only looking at these specific movies - well, what do you expect then? The villain can't win, so it's quite weird to blame him for this.

And I personally think Black Widow as a part of the team Avengers was simply given that "victory moments" to make her equal in some way to Iron man or Hulk, like "look, she can't really fight like other guys, but she is not useless".
Can we keep this in the Loki thread, please? I really dont want this thread to continue to get sidetracked. We need to think Thor 2, not what's happened in the past. And it seems like BW is not part of Thor 2 so definitely off topic here.

I personally think a lot of different things can happen in Thor 2, but we do need to keep true to the characterizations that have been shown so far, in regards to that, and how that might change or not change and why. Which is I suppose why the conversations started, but now we need to move on, and agree to disagree at this point in regards to a certain mischievous antagonist.

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