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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Okay so new topic. Tyr, how do you think he will play into all of this?

I'm of the opinion he may be among the dead warriors, either on the good side or bad, I also think he's going to wind up being Odin's brother not Thor's in MCU. I think this partially because of the "first born" line in Thor and partially because I think if they take Tyr and Odin as brothers and paralell their relationship with Thor and Loki's it is going to be absolutely *fascinating* to watch how that all plays out. But that's JMO, and I'm still not sure what side he'll be on at this point.

More info about Tyr
Mythology, lists him as God of law, and the Althing so that's interesting. Huh, American Maid? Tyr in the comics seems to be more of a bad guy, occationally good guy, and apparently he had a thing for Sif. That's interesting.

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