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Default Re: Joker Knew of Bane's Existence.

What's interesting is let's say Jokers plan worked...which could mean he either ruled Gotham and doesn't get locked up. Or his ace in the hole, Two-Face roams around for a while longer. It becomes like Arkham City, and Joker escapes. It's havoc in Gotham for years and Joker is the ruler.

Bane and Talia would have still arrived in Gotham to seek revenge on Batman, and to finish the mission that Ras began. They would have probably came in sooner if Gotham was worse than ever, with freaks running around. Batman having to juggle all these rogues, especially the Joker.

What's interesting is Bane and Talia could have almost been the good guys coming to wipe out the freaks. I bet Bane would have physically destroyed the Joker and locked him up or killed him. Until it was Bane and Batman left at the end, with Talia trying to blow the city to pieces with that bomb.

I LOVE what we got in TDKR, but if the outcome of Dark Knight was a little different (add to that, Heath Ledger not dying) the 3rd movie could have been pretty intense. In a whole different way. Same kinda thing, but no 8 year absence from Batman, dozens of rogue appearances, a returning Joker/Heath in a small role, with Bane/Talia at the center of it.

But i dont think Joker knew of Bane what so ever. It's a cool thought, but i think he was focused on Harvey Dent. He was right about a lot of things in Rises, but he was wrong about a number of things too.

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