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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by Nimloth View Post
It might be of no value, but I thought I'd share anyway.
there is a Marvel movies wiki, and in Loki's article, under "Allies" listed Tyr, as older brother, the bitter moment is that everyone can edit these articles. The entry for Tyr is empty, only actor listed. So idk.. Why would anyone want to do that.

I think, maybe Tyr will side with Loki, at least be the one with the opinion that the punishment shouldn't be very strict. Tom said everyone there will have an opinion, so..
I think the wiki some random person just put something in without knowing. No one knows his part yet. He has allied with Loki in the comics at least once that I know of. But other times not.

When his name first came up I saw that God of Law and Justice thing I wondered if he could oversee the proceedings if they do show Loki being tried. But then I wrote it off as something that would drag down the rest of the movie, to show that (or at least not more than a short scene of it). But on the other hand, as far as punishment for Loki, I think one scenario could be that Odin does not have control over how he's punished, he punished Thor quickly, but he may not have control over it with Loki and so could set up a harsher punishment for him that way. The likelihood though, in this case is Tyr may not be shown as related to them at all. Plus I would have thought this actor might have a bigger part, and there is the whole thing with his 1 hand, which he may or may not have, and why would they choose a character, that is known as a member of that family, and not make him a member of the family and have some impact on that story. So... I dont know. Tom's quote from that recent interview "everybody upstairs in space has an opinion" makes me think that is a possibility, that he is simply the "god of law and justice" and maybe the Althing as well. But that seems like that's all very different from comics Tyr.

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