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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

I personally don't understand how someone can legitimately cite a motivation for Bane without involving doing it for Talia in some way. In the movie he states that he is fulfilling Ra's Al Ghul's destiny, yet we are given no reason why he would do this for a man who excommunicated him. Surely if it was about the legacy, the audience should have been given some clue why that legacy was so important to him in the first place. Bane also makes some comments about the rich and people in power, but it is made apparent in that speech to Bruce in the dungeon that he is going to blow up EVERYONE in the city so he has no plan towards that regard. Ra's and the Joker have clear motivations, with what little screentime Ra's had in Begins NO ONE had any problem identifying what his goals were and how they related to his actions in the movie

I don't get why proponents of the movie think we are just randomly picking on TDKR. No one complained about villain motivations in the previous movies, do you guys just think its a coincidence that so many of us didn't buy Bane's motivations in this one?

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