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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

The youtube video is probably the closest thing to what my thoughts are on the film.

I don't think anything was "right" about Batman Returns. I mean i liked the score, i liked the winter look, i liked the casting choices. But the score doesn't make the movie. The cast were shortchanged by that damn script they were given. The look is cool but it's not very Batman so i wouldn't say they got the visuals right either. I felt like i was watching that Nightmare Before Christmas kinda thing...that Christmas meets Halloween vibe.

The screenplay is ****ing terrible. But the visuals are cool. That says it all. Style over substance like the bulk of his filmography. Tim Burton doing a "Tim Burton" movie featuring a few characters from the Batman mythos. Besides their name and suits they're not even the characters of the comics. Catwoman and Penguin feel more like Spider-Man villains in their transformations and hybrids of animals than the actual Batman villains that they should be. It's like they did the classic Doc Ock/Lizard/Vulture/Scorpion/Rhino formula (which is great for Spider-Man mind you) and used it on Oswald & Selina.

They got the villains wrong, they got Batman wrong, they got the look wrong (like i said, even though it was cool), the script was probably written by a 13 year old and passed off to the studio.

I'll take back a few things. If i must say what they got right?
-Batmobile and bat-suit/cat-suit
-the actors that were cast in each role

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