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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

It's a bad choice (only my opinion of course) to bring Robin in so soon. Batman is going to show up in Justice League first..correct? That's Batman outside of Gotham, teaming up with half a dozen superheroes.

Then we're getting Batman movies on his own. To have him in Gotham City teaming up once again with other partners in crime, like Robin or Batgirl..would be way too soon and way too much. They won't exactly be "Batman solo movies" now would they? I'm not down for seeing Batman in a team-up movie, then turn around to see WB promote a bunch of Batman solos when it's just ANOTHER team-up movie in disguise. Just within a different city, and a different partner.

It makes Batman look weak. I only prefer Robin in the story when Batman is getting up there in age, and there are multiple villains to fight off. Batman himself can take a LOT of people on his own. The threat must be pretty high for him to need Robin. If you're going the Arkham City route for the reboot, and all the rogues are on the loose?? That's perfect for Robin. So bring him in when that happens. But wait 2-3 movies first.

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