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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

Batman is nothing without the Joker? You know nothing. Joker is nothing without Batman, not the other way around. Unless that last sentence means that u were jk. lol.

Joker needs to be mentioned in the next series. But I prefer if we never see him (for at least 3 films) but we hear of him. Batman has had battles with him in the past, maybe he's on the loose, or locked up in Arkham for the time being, but we dont need joker for a while. There's PLENTY of villains to do before we start repeating the ones Nolan utilized.

I dont like the idea of doing a trilogy with the same villain. Joker or someone else. It's repetitive. It's bloody hard creating a trilogy with different villains each time, and keeping the quality high. It would be impossible creating a trilogy with the exact same villain without stumbling on the same things over and over. Fanboys aren't the biggest percentage seeing these movies. The general audience would get sick of it after 1 or 2 movies i'm sure.

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