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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by Nimloth View Post
Well, that is a problem, if they decide to follow this line, it is only logical to make him Odinís brother and I really like elizah72ís idea to parallel their relationship with Thor and Lokiís. I think thatís the reason they eliminated Balder from the movies, to emphasize Thor-Loki line, and now introducing another brother is like ????
Unless there is logical explanation why Tyr is older and not first in line for the throne
This is from the marvel wiki about Tyr

So Tyr still could be Thor and Lokiís brother, rejected by Odin for some reason, hmmÖ who is his mother? Wiki says Saga, I never heard about her, maybe Tyr is older but Odinís bastard son, and line ďmy first bornĒ means first born by rightful queen Frigga, because in MCU they never mentioned that Frigga is not Thorís real mother, making it only worse for Loki. And Loki was adopted, but it seems no one knew about this, so he is second in line coz everyone think he is Odin and Friggaís son,king and queen of Asgard.
Plus, Odin never intended to make anyone his successor except Thor
So Tyr might team up with Loki, not coz he likes him, but because he doesnít like Thor. And he is God of War, so no sentiments here, he actually might not even see why the heck to punish Loki for attempt to conquer Midgard.
could be regected. May out of jealousy, he attacked Thor, bitterly, Thor being the most powerful of the two defeats him, and he leaves, and is rejected by Odin?

I for one would like to see Odin's past, and power explored. I can quote loki referring to Odin in the MCU as "the most powerful being in the 9 realms", I want to see some of that.

I remember when I frst started reading comics, and thor was the most powerful hero, I refused to admit anyone was more powerful, I hated the fact that his own father was more powerful than him, and refused to bbelieve it, oh I was a fool. Hell, I even neglected Thanos being more powerful :P

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