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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Personally, I don't see how anybody can legitimately miss bane's motivation. They establish throughout the film multiple times that he has a problem with those who abuse power, and definitely insinuate that this was a view he developed as he grew up in a prison that's hell for the soul. His deranged view is that by destroying the infrastructure and system of Gotham the LOS will be wiping the slate clean as they had done in Rome and Constantinople, allowing for the poor and rich to begin anew on equal terms, as well as it being figuratively destructive of the ideals of Western civilization for the rest of the world who would watch such an event. Just like Ra's. How anyone can miss this is beyond me.

The people who complain about his motivations seem to not understand the mindset of a deranged terrorists' mind, which is weird since it's incredibly similar to both Ra's and Joker. The key to understanding Bane is to see that his story shares many similarities with Bruce's fight for balance in the system, only he's taken Ra's method of needing to destroy in order to create, the opposite of Bruce's philanthropic method he adopted from his father. Alot of the confusion seems to stem from the way they layered Bane's story with Talia's, but I never had any trouble identifying what Bane's code and mission was, even on first viewing, and neither did any of the people I know who've seen the film.

All in all it simply comes down to an individual's perception, so to discredit one view is not very helpful. Let's just leave it at people have different interpretations. The motivation is certainly there, it's just whether or not that is satisfying for you.

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