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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

I'll preface this by saying I'm more of a Bane fan and not a Joker fan outside of the recent movies.


Fulfilling Ra's al Ghul's destiny on behalf of his love, protectee, and friend, Talia--who inherited her father's organization--she in turn is honoring her father's mission to restore balance to the world and holds Bruce accountable for his death.

Reveal the city's true character as the same as The Joker himself.

Characterization (Skills, talents, backstory)

Tough guy with smarts. A prisoner who took a liking to a child and had his body messed up for the rest of his life because he helped her. Came to Gotham to do what Ra's once wanted Bruce Wayne to do in Batman Begins. Bruce left psycho school while Bane was once cast out. Lots of misleading information on the character in the story, including using the "rise" chant to make people believe he escaped the Pit as he is written both as a elaborate decoy to the citizens in the movie and the audience watching. He breaks Batman.

The Joker
Crazy guy who feels a personal connection to Batman. Multiple choice origin that leaves the audience in the dark as to the truth. Seems to be steps ahead of everyone else despite his belief that he has no "plans."


Scary monster-looking man who talks a decent amount until the Blackgate/revolution montage scene, then doesn't have much to say in the story at all. Lays siege to a city for months. Goes out like fake Ra's al Ghul death or Rachel tasering Scarecrow in BB after recovering from his beating and tears. Has 3 scenes/locations where he talks with Bruce/Batman and 2 where they don't but are in proximity to each other.

The Joker
Scares the city. Left dangling and chattering, inspires years of fan-fiction as he survives the movie, though no mention of him in the sequel. He takes credit for the creation of Two-Face, who Batman has to deal with the consequences of Two-Face's and his own actions. Has 3 scenes/locations where talks with Batman and 1 vehicular action scene.

TDKR is more convoluted than TDK, for good and for ill. In this case, it leads to a more elaborate or interesting character for Bane. I think loner types are drawn to the Joker as a character as well as his simpler story with a personal relationship of sorts to Batman, while those who want more complexity probably will go for Bane.

tl;dr Bane is more convoluted, complex, or interesting villain and doesn't end up (Batman: "You're alone") like The Joker. Bane's impact dwindles after the Blackgate revolution montage while The Joker's is more consistent to his last scene.

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