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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
And, being someone who saw Return of the Jedi, in theaters when it was first released. I can tell you that I and I'm sure most people NEVER expected Darth Vader to do what he did. (and I read a lot of Star Wars comics in between films)
Being someone who saw ROTJ in theaters on the original run also, I agree that none of us in the audience expected Vader to kill the Emperor. But difference here being: Vader was an original character, so nobody knew what to expect. Loki, however, has been established as a villain since the 1960s --- even farther back, if you include the myths --- so everybody pretty much expects him to stay that way.

yes the motives are different, but I would add to Thor's motives a strong desire for blood and war and glory, which does not make him too "morally superior" there. And to Loki I would add the motivation of the shock and horror of just finding out after 1000 years of life that he's one of "the monsters who parents tell their children about at night" and desperately wanting to erase them from existence, in the hopes that, if they no longer exist, it will mean he never has to face *that* reality, or admit it to anyone else. Selfish yes, but not the same as being just about the power, just as Thor's actions are not just about killing all the Jotuns for fun (although again, he certainly looked like he was having fun there! which is again, not so "morally superior" of him )
True: Thor is no saint. And it's his arrogance, bloodlust and stupidity that cause Odin to wisely banish him until he learns a little humility. Loki, however, is not afforded a chance at redemption; so it'll be interesting to see if Odin offers him that now at his trial in Thor 2.

and I will also add to Loki's motivations there actually, the threat of a war with the Jotuns, which his brother started. As he says to Heimdall as he leaves after visting Laufey "You will open the bifrost to no one, until I have repaired the damage my brother has done" So more motivation here is to stop the Jotuns before they attack Asgard. (not so selfish)
Well, yeah, but you've got to admit that was just a lie on Loki's part. He just wanted to keep the Bridge closed so that Thor couldn't come back, and/or none of his friends could sneak off to rescue him. And he clearly had no intention to "repair the political damage" --- his next intent was to destroy Jotunheim utterly.

Also, you are forgetting...

Loki: I never wanted the throne, I only wanted to be your equal.

As I've said to jaqua99 I think before about this quote. He is very very angry here, and the jig is up, no need to lie anymore. So this is the truth and so this is a great deal of his motivation at least up until he actually gets to sit on the throne (where I would agree, it changes to more be about being on the throne for him at that point)
Yeah, I agree that the throne was never his first intention. He was always jealous of Thor, but more of his popularity than his political power. It's only in Avengers that you see him really going after a throne; and even there jealousy is probably still involved.


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