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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Being someone who saw ROTJ in theaters on the original run also, I agree that none of us in the audience expected Vader to kill the Emperor. But difference here being: Vader was an original character, so nobody knew what to expect. Loki, however, has been established as a villain since the 1960s --- even farther back, if you include the myths --- so everybody pretty much expects him to stay that way.
Well all the more surprise when he doesn't, hm?

Tom Hiddleston: "The enemy is complacency. What I can promise is that it's not the old recipe reheated in the microwave, it's a new... we're cooking up something very new with the same ingredients so it's exciting"

Tom is very familiar with the "old recipes" of both the myths and the comics. And I do believe he was referring to that as much as to what's already been done in the films. So... with that in mind, be prepared for anything!

True: Thor is no saint. And it's his arrogance, bloodlust and stupidity that cause Odin to wisely banish him until he learns a little humility. Loki, however, is not afforded a chance at redemption; so it'll be interesting to see if Odin offers him that now at his trial in Thor 2.
It'll be interesting, for sure. And I do think that Odin will afford him a chance at redemption in Thor 2. It may not be up to him how he's punished, but somehow he will. Comics Odin is almost as different from MCU Odin as Comics Loki is to MCU Loki

Well, yeah, but you've got to admit that was just a lie on Loki's part.
Mmm... no I dont have to admit that because I dont believe it. He was newly king with an impending war, why wouldnt he want to stop the war and the potential Asgardian bloodshed that would come with it, as any intelligent leader would.

He just wanted to keep he Bridge closed so that Thor couldn't come back, and/or none of his friends could sneak off to rescue him. And he clearly had no intention to "repair the political damage" --- his next intent was to destroy Jotunheim utterly.
The bolded part I agree with. However, yes he did intend to repair the political damage so there would not be a war, unfortunately the way he intended to do so was a very very misguided bad bad way. But then again, Thor would have just gone down and bashed all their heads in, probably getting some of his friends and army killed at the same time. So who is the smarter one there? (not saying either is right, just saying, one plan has a lot less casualties for the Asgardian team than the other.)

Yeah, I agree that the throne was never his first intention. He was always jealous of Thor, but more of his popularity than his political power. It's only in Avengers that you see him really going after a throne; and even there jealousy is probably still involved.
Well I am delighted to read that I have changed your mind on that, since that is absolutely not what you were saying in the other thread!

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