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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
They establish throughout the film multiple times that he has a problem with those who abuse power, and definitely insinuate that this was a view he developed as he grew up in a prison that's hell for the soul
Nope. What is shown is that Bane has a problem with Daggett, we are never shown why particularly. All we see is that Bane is incredulous that Daggett would think he owns him because of the money he has been paid, nowhere is it shown or even implied that Bane has a problem with people who abuse power. Is he not himself abusing power by using his status in the league of shadows to destroy a city that isn't corrupt?

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
His deranged view is that by destroying the infrastructure and system of Gotham the LOS will be wiping the slate clean as they had done in Rome and Constantinople, allowing for the poor and rich to begin anew on equal terms, as well as it being figuratively destructive of the ideals of Western civilization for the rest of the world who would watch such an event
None of this is stated or implied. This is flat out conjecture. All we are told is that he wants to make Gotham and Bruce suffer, we are never given a reason why he would target Gotham in particular. Yes it is part of Talia's plan, but what is Bane's reason for having a vendetta against Gotham if not for Talia?

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
The people who complain about his motivations seem to not understand the mindset of a deranged terrorists' mind, which is weird since it's incredibly similar to both Ra's and Joker.
And yet there were no complaints about Ra's or the Joker. Clearly you have a greater understanding of the mind of a deranged terrorist than the rest of us.

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
The key to understanding Bane is to see that his story shares many similarities with Bruce's fight for balance in the system, only he's taken Ra's method of needing to destroy in order to create, the opposite of Bruce's philanthropic method he adopted from his father.
But why? Obviously he has taken up the reins of leading the League, but why does he feel so strongly about their ideals. The movie clearly mentions that Ra's excommunicated him, unless Bane is an idiot then why would he be loyal to him in the first place? How would the average man respond to a situation where he risked his life to save another man's daughter and the girl's father rebuffed him? Is Bane an idiot?

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
Alot of the confusion seems to stem from the way they layered Bane's story with Talia's, but I never had any trouble identifying what Bane's code and mission was, even on first viewing, and neither did any of the people I know who've seen the film.
And yet all you've managed to do is come up with your own interpretation beyond whats in the movie. Here is all we know about Bane:

He grew up in hell (which might explain why he is evil)

He wants to preserve innocence which is why he saved Talia (Yet has no qualms about killing MILLIONS of people, among whom are children)

We are never shown how he films about crime or "decadence", we later find out that everything he says in his speeches to the people are just to manipulate. What is or isn't true is never told to us, attempting to decipher beyond what is explicitly told is using your imagination

He doesn't like Daggett, is incredulous because Daggett thinks he can use money to take power over him

There is an implication that he doesn't like the stock market people, but thats all it is an IMPLICATION.

I'm still waiting for solid evidence FROM THE FILM that Bane had any other reason for attacking Gotham than because Talia wanted him to

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