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Default Re: Official Batman Titles thread 2.0 - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by Mystirious View Post
Themyscira as an island of peace, love and kinky lesbian bdsm is the only acceptable version of Themyscira

Anything else is inferior

Their still lesbians at least so I'll have to take what I can get

Hopefully when Morrison writes Wonder Woman he shall restore Themyscira to the kinky lesbian paradise full of giant kangaroos that it should be
I don't know where the Kangeroo love comes from, I'm tellin' Ya they're horrible creatures!

Also Morrison said he was going to "fix" Steve Trevor. I wonder how he'll do that...

"The smell was something he was born with. A curse, the smallfolk said. The gods had made him stink so that men would know his soul was rotting. Ramsay’s mother appeared at my gates to demand that I provide a servant for my bastard, who was growing up wild and unruly. I gave her Reek. It was meant to be amusing, but he and Ramsay became inseparable. I do wonder, though... was it Ramsay who corrupted Reek, or Reek Ramsay? ”

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