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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

Originally Posted by Johnny Blaze View Post

"Greetings, my friends", Doom spoke, his arms crossed over his chest as his imposing form barred the heroes' entrance to the ship's bridge.
"And here I had been beginning to think that I was wrong in my assumption you would come here. How unfortunate for you all that I am proven correct."

Without warning, Doom lashes out, firing a ray from his gauntlet at Johnny that hits him dead in the chest. Before the Torch can utter a syllable, he's frozen solid as his body is covered in a thick coating of ice.
"Susan," Reed shouted, stretching his arms around Victor. "Go for the controls. I'll- AHHH!," He was cut short by the laser blast from Doom's other gauntlet. He was close enough that the blast encompassed both men.

While the two men rustled, Sue was already invisible and passed them. Her hands went to work on the controls of the time machine, preparing it for its journey back to the start of the whole mess.

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