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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Silvermoon View Post
First image I think we've gotten of Tom actually on set... saddly, he's bundled up (no way to tell if he's in costume) and he doesn't appear to have his wig/makeup on yet (possibly on his way to his trailer to get that done?) - but maybe, with so many fans scouting out the location now (and everything they've been able to give us with Hemsworth, Eccleston, etc...) we can now actually get a picture/footage of him filming/in costume/makeup/etc....?
I started thinking, oh, too bad they wont film all week due to the Holiday, and then I remembered oh, yeah... That's right, they dont celebrate Thanksgiving over there! LOL

So here's hoping for some Thanksgiving Loki sometime this week.

More of Tom on set, but still not in costume. He's wearing his nice blue interview jacket.

and leaving...


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