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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by Beanjuice View Post
but I have to say that whoever thinks Joker had more over Bane in really any area needs a good whack on the head.
Don't be jelly just cos you know it's the truth.

Joker was a lunatic bent on destruction for the attention he would get from Batman.
Nope. Joker was in a battle for Gotham's soul. Batman was just fun he had on the side.

Bane is the polar opposite of Batman and superior to him in almost every way.
Bane only beat Batman cos his body was wrecked. Hospital scene ring any bells? Bane never escaped the pit. Bats did. Bane was gonna shoot Batman while he was tied up cos Batman had just come back and whupped him.

Superior my Aunt Fanny.

Joker is a street fighter- Bane is a pure bred striker and martial artist. Joker makes use of crudely jury rigged explosives, knives, and stolen police firearms- Bane makes use of military grade explosives, vehicles, and weapons. Joker is manipulative and twists peoples minds based on their insecurities and fear- Bane has a genius level intellect and is a master manipulator, tactical planner, and strategist. Though it's never stated outright, Joker clearly learned the ropes of being a mobster and common criminal-Bane was trained by ******* ninjas.
Bane inherited an organization from the daughter of the guy who used to run it, and the only people who followed Bane were the crooks he set loose and the poor. Everyone else was scared as hell of him.

Joker threatens to blow up one hospital and he turns the whole city into a panic squad who try and kill Reese.

Joker > Bane.

As for motivation, "cause chaos and get people to kill each other" just doesn't cut it for me. Ruining Batman financially and physically, seizing control of the city, fulfilling Ra's Al Ghul's dream to destroy Gotham completely and make Batman witness his failure is a much more sinister, high stakes sort of plan.
Joker motivation; turn the city against Batman. Successful. Corrupt Harvey Dent. Successful. Become the boss man of Gotham's underworld. Successful. Kill Rachel. Successful.

Bane; destroy Gotham. Fail. Take Bruce Wayne's money. He could have gotten it back when fraud is proven. Complete the work of a guy who kicked his ass out of his gang. What a loser.

The impact they had, again no contest its Bane. Joker got a few dirty cops, punk kids, One conflicted District Attorney, and escaped crazies to put on clown masks and blow stuff up. Bane got the majority of Gotham to side with him, implement martial law , and usurp the wealthy from their positions of power. and I'd like to add that bane succeed where Joker failed in killing the Mayor.
Joker killed Rachel, ruined 'ol Harvey, and made the Bat become public enemy number 1, and put Brucie into 8 years of misery.

Bane gave him a back injury that can be sorted by a good slap on the back and put him in a pit for a few months.

Joker wins again.

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