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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by MAKAVELI25 View Post
Lol, you're better than this Domini. You're arguments are usually more substantive than futile attempts at backward logic
Lol, it's not backwards logic. We know Bane loves Talia, and most likely Talia loves Bane as much, but while Talia is in the shadows, Bane's doing all of the work and he was supposedly leading a coup for Daggett as well. It just doesn't add up to Bane doing everything for Talia, especially even trying to kill Batman at the very end. It seemed, to me, that Bane and Talia united with one cause but Bane was trying to achieve what Ra's al Ghul couldn't do as much as succeed in what Bruce Wayne never did by even succeeding Ra's.

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