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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

He won't disregard his own films.They could easily come up with explanation for Jean's return with ending of X2.Xavier was sensoring something and the last shot was hinting
at Jean's return.If Famke Janssen's The Wolverine Cameo Is her alive my feeling would be the ending would be Wolverine returning to mansion after his adventre In Japan to find Jean alive.It can be done If,and I repeat If,Fox lets him do It.

To have Patrick Stewart,Ian Mckellan,Hugh Jackman,Famke Janssen,James Marsden,
Anna Paquin,and Rebecca Romijn In DOFP would be dream.If they could squeeze another member In It may be Shawn Ashmore.Bryan liked him so much In small cameo In X-Men
he brought him back In expanded role.Remember they recast Pyro.And Shawn was Bryan's first Choice to play Jimmy Olsen In Superman Returns.Rememebr at times they were rumors of patrick,Famke,and Hugh also appearing(Patrick as Jor-el before It was known they were using marlon Brando footage for Jor-el,Hugh as Jonathan Kent for flashback and Famke as Lois Lane)

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