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Default Re: Final page of ASM 698 is now online...

Hey, guys, I think I have a bit of a theory. Please don't open spoils unless you've seen the released page and know what will happen in 698:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Imagine if a full brain switch was possible. You would wake up all "Freaky Friday", and realize you were not in your own body. However, you would still have your own memories and thoughts, right? You couldn't get your memories just from switching brains. Something else has to happen. Memories would have to be transplanted. So, what I think is either of this:
1. Mephisto shows up and screws with Ock and Peter's minds. This causes "Peter" to keep on living and "Ock" to die, thus fulfilling MJ's "leave him alone forevermore" thing and not bothering "Peter". We can't say for sure what would happen here since Mephisto can do virtually whatever he wants.
2. Something happened with the Octobots either in 600 or EotE. Somehow, Peter's and Ock's thinking patterns get switched. This would make it so Peter's brain has Pete's body and memories, but this new Peter thinks like Ock, and eventually theorizes that he is Ock though he is really Peter. It would be vice-versa for the Ock body: Ock body, mind, and memories, but thinks like Peter and eventually believes he is Peter, though he is still Ock.

I know it's a little hard to follow, but, just my two cents...

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