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Default Re: State your unpopular film related opinion - Part 10

I really enjoyed OOTP and was a great beginning of a truly darker HP series. I enjoy all of the movies and I don't find any of them to be bad. I like how the series slowly got darker with the first half of the HP movies and then starting with OOTP (more specifically Cedric Diggory's death in GOF) that the time of innocence and peace was truly over. Fear was started to set over Harry at every moment after.

I feel like OOTP did an excellent job at of ushering the new status quo for Harry Potter that would be there until the end of the series.

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
But see, to me, you're merely explaining the reasoning behind the concept, not the quality of the execution.

I totally agree it was the right approach, I thoroughly disagree that it was excited properly at all.
To me, I think the only thing that could have been stronger is if Bond was a bit doubtful if he should continue, but then we'd have people going from "it was influenced by TDK" to "it ripped off TDK"

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