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Default Re: Assassin´s Creed III - Part 2

Originally Posted by The_Shadow View Post
That's what I did and it wasn't working. I eventually got there though the frontier.

How come the "blue coats" are attacking me as well? I just murdered about 300 of them due to trying to bribe the guy to get my notoriety down, but they were respawning at a ridiculous rate.
Connor is a lone wolf. He is working outside the protection of either side of the war. He only works with the some of the patriots because some of their goals are similar, but ultimately, Connor is working outside the system so the patriots as a whole are not his allies. Even if they were, that would not stop their guards from trying to stop you if you're doing something worthy of their notice. A cop isn't going to let a thief go just because theyre both Americans.

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